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“Two of the most powerful warriors in existence are patience and time.”

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Posted: February 19, 2016 in blogging

I am convinced that Boredom is a cruel Curse, a Bored Life is the result of malicious Hoodoo, Boring People are the sadistic Necromancers… And the Fascinating are it’s Intended Victims of Ennui!

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(As discussed Tuesday, February 9, 2016 on Coast to Coast AM – Open Lines;

First half of the show’s guest, Dr. Glen MacPherson, has spent many years documenting the strange phenomenon known as “the Hum.” MacPherson said that the sound was first reported in England in 1970, and spread to the U.S. in about 1990. He reports that the sound plagues about two to four percent of the population, who can hear it almost all of the time, although it sometimes gets worse at night. To most people, the sound is like hearing a truck idling outside, but MacPherson added that it “may not be a sound in the traditional sense of the word.” The Hum can cause headaches, nausea, and loss of sleep, and “at least one or two people may have taken their own lives due to the torment.” He has personally experienced the noise as well.


MacPherson reported on research that the human body may be able to perceive radio and other frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, so that the Hum may be a something produced by an effect that makes us perceive it as sound. A strange quality of the mystery is that it gets worse when people try to plug their ears or use noise-cancelling headphones. There seems to be no way to stop the Hum, and he is “not aware of anyone who has escaped it.” As for sources for this disturbing occurrence, MacPherson’s best guess is that it is consistent with the advent of powerful Very Low Frequency (VLF) devices used by the world’s major military powers. Although there is no concrete explanation as yet, MacPherson hopes that people will continue to report their experiences on his website ( and says that “those in positions of responsibility need to come forward” to help solve the riddle.
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Today In Strangeness:
(February 10, 2016)

·On this date in 3641 B.C. the world was created, according to one Mayan calendar.
·PT Barnum staged the wedding of little people Gen. Tom Thumb and Mercy Lavinia Warren (1863).
·Chess champ Gary Kasparov was defeated by Deep Blue, the IBM computer (1996).

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Posted: February 1, 2016 in blogging


I’ve been a slowly thawing glacier
Periled by your arctic wind
For I never stood a chance against
The freezing gusts you send

I’ve been the mightiest of summits
You, the rain,
…I thought I knew
But when your downpour caused a landslide
Into an avalanche, I grew

I’ve been a boundless, soaring eagle
You were once my downy wings
‘Til you extracted every feather
And I felt the pain it brings

I’ve been the softly scented petals
Upon an everlasting rose
And yet, you’ve curtailed the survival
Of all the thorn bestows

I’ve been a brilliant bolt of lightning
Discharged amidst your squall
You’ve been the deafening throe of fury
You believed befit us all

Now it would seem the gods have spoken
With great vehemence and haste
To heave their castigation
For those whom you’ve laid waste

And should this day, or each thereafter,
You soever hear my cry,
It will only be an echo
From whence I felt love die

©hesney Peyton

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Posted: January 31, 2016 in blogging


My soul is eternally haunted
My mind is constructed of a thousand corpses
My heart is a battlefield
This body, my grave

…I can’t be sure that I ever agreed to this.

‘My Life’ is but a relentless war zone
Overrun with incessant conflict, overcome by ceaseless fire, filled with figurative bloodshed
Such rampant turmoil and isolating loneliness

…I don’t remember creating any of it.

I seem to have a nasty habit of evoking and inciting the ‘ugly’ from people
I don’t understand how, or even know why;
It’s never been intentional

…I don’t recall having asked to even be born.

I am a puppet
And this world—all it’s madness—the stage.

How I wish that I could only go back …to the beginning;
Not to when I was first born
But, rather, back to the commencement of all creation …when I was originally conceived

And just BE …there, still …frozen, timeless.

Musings by #AkkadianAngel (aka #dEfyant)

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Posted: January 11, 2016 in blogging

Not too long after I’d awakened this morning, I cracked open my bedroom window for some fresh, albeit crisp and frigid winter, air, when my senses were suddenly “assaulted” with an odd, yet innate, “knowledge” of this day being the anniversary of someone’s funeral -a loved one that either I, or someone I know, once knew.
For nearly five minutes, I could hear the overlapping chatter of people and the clinking of dishes… smell the wafting scent of an abundant, mid-morning meal/breakfast being prepared and consumed, and the occasional whiff of cold, wintry air seeping in from a recently opened door… and see brief visual flashes of each of the following: a residence, a church, and the burial location within a cemetery.
Such a strange sensation; and even stranger that it, somehow, hasn’t negatively impacted my day…

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Posted: January 5, 2016 in blogging


You’ve held me at a distance
You’ve brought me to my knees
You don’t see the scars, within this heart,
I wear upon my sleeves
I’m not a nice, neat package
You can choose to hide away,
Tucked out of sight
and out of mind,
Until a rainy day
And I don’t wanna be your shadow
Nor reflection of “once was”
Not content to be your “could have been”
Or “only is because…”
Won’t be just another rebound
When you think the timing’s right
Can’t compete for your affection
In the fray of this wanton plight
I’ve grown weary of being second-rate
Ne’er good enough,
You’ve first been bruised ‘n broken
And pervade with loneliness
Tired of picking up the fragments
From what little left remained
Trying to piece them back together
Scrubbing away at all that stained
In a different time and distant place
Perhaps we might’ve found
An arcane berth, in our desperate souls,
That led to hallowed ground…

©hesney Peyton

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Posted: December 13, 2015 in blogging

“Holy Pouring Precipitation!”

SOMEONE must love me…
We’ve got a December downpour currently going on; it’s nearly the middle of December and it’s NOT snowing, NOT sleeting, but ACTUALLY RAINING!!! «33
(That’s virtually unheard of, to the best of my knowledge!)
“Thank You” to the gods, archangels, and/or the devil, himself, for seeing fit to ‘befall’ on me what I imagine a little taste of seasonal Ireland must be like this time of year. 😉


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